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At Solent Gearboxes & Axles we repair, recondition, and replace your old or damaged manual gearbox on any make and model.

We have a highly skilled team of technicians in the Southampton area to service your car with a guaranteed turnaround time of 48 hours after you book your vehicle in with us. We can repair gearboxes in all types of manual vehicles, we currently do not fit or repair automatic gearboxes. We will repair your existing gearbox or offer you a reconditioned gearbox to reduce the expenses and can get you back on the road within 48 hours. 

Our reconditioned gearboxes are built to the highest quality standards by our trained technicians, as a bonus we also offer a 12-month warranty or 12,000 miles guarantee. All our gearboxes are tested prior to installation, giving you peace of mind to get back on the road.

Gearbox replacement can be a lengthy and laborious process, but thanks to our expertise, we can provide the highest quality service in and around Southampton. We can organise a cost-effective vehicle recovery service as soon as the vehicle is ready to get back on the road. We can assure of a stress-free drive and at a competitive price. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on 0238 046 5218 or contact us through email on for a quick estimate.


Does something feel wrong with your gearbox?

Gearboxes are an important and complex part of your car, we at Solent believe it's important to know when your gearbox is on the verge of failing.

With 40 years of experience in handling gearboxes we have identified a few ways to tell if something might be wrong. What should you be looking for?

  • Jumping out of gear

  • Unusual chattering noise

  • Hard shifting of gear

All the above conditions could suggest a gearbox failure, if you notice any of these please get in touch with our team at Solent and let us take care of your vehicle for you. We can ensure your car will be back on road within 48 hours


If repairs will cost too much, we can offer you a reconditioned gearbox built to the highest quality standard with a 12-month warranty, or 12,000 miles guarantee to help you back on road.

Gearbox inspection


Having difficulty in switching gears? 

Our experienced mechanics at Solent have been specialising in clutch, gearbox and flywheel maintenance, repair, and replacement for over 40 years.

We at Solent can repair or replace your clutch using the best quality components to suit all makes and models of vehicle. We can offer an excellent service at an affordable price.


Get a quick estimate for your clutch or flywheel replacement by completing our enquiry form below after which a member of our team will review your enquiry and email you an estimated cost. For an instant response you can call us on 0238 046 5218.

Get a free quote for your gearbox repair or replacement. Get in touch with us today.

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