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Axle repair and replacement


Is your car making a chattering noise every time you turn or accelerate?

We can check your axle at Solent Gearboxes & Axles if you are around Southampton.

The axle connects the wheels to the drive shaft and takes the entire weight of the car on it. It is ideally placed right over the ground, driving on any uneven surfaces can damage your axle or bend it. We recommend having regular axle inspection and differential checks, as they are very important for smooth driving.


We provide all kinds of safety checks, differential repairs, axle repairs and replacements at Solent for your car. Our mechanics will investigate your axle for wear and tear or any other damages and will repair your axle at an affordable price at our garage in Southampton.


We offer the best professional advice and can point you in the right direction of the next steps. We also have a range of new and rebuilt axles. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Solent Gearboxes & Axles by phone on 0238 046 5218 or contact us via email on for a quick estimate.


How do you know if my car needs an axle repair or replacement?

Your car’s axles should be smooth and soundless. Several things could damage the axles in your car, commonly due to impact or an accident or maybe you just pulled roughly over a stretch of potholes or speed bumps. 

There are a few ways of checking to see if your axles may be broken.

  • Uncommon rumbling or noise

  • Unusual or excessive vibrations when accelerating or turning

  • Leaking axle boot

If you are ever in doubt, bring your vehicle in to our mechanics at Solent, in Southampton, and let us have a quick check for you. 

Mechanic replacing axle


How do I know if I need to repair the differentials? 


Differentials are important for safe driving. Over time, they can start to breakdown, lose lubrication, and become noisy. The bearings in a differential can be damaged due to general wear and tear.

We at Solent have 4 decades of know-how and experience to repair your differentials with new bearings and fix your oil seals. We use high quality parts to ensure that the right pre-loads are set on the new bearings and will establish correct tooth contact between the differential gears. This will help in maximising the life and smoothness.


We repair all makes and models including Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Audi, Vauxhall and many more. 

Get a quick estimate for your axle or differential repair or replacement by completing our enquiry form below.


For an instant response you can call us on 0238 046 5218

Need axle or differentials repair or replacement? Contact us and get a free quote today.

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